Training of enumerators for baseline survey

The Monitoring and Evaluation Unit of the CocoaSoils Program has organized its maiden coordinators’ meeting and training of enumerators for Ghana, at the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana in Tafo.
The objectives of this training workshop were to establish a common understanding of the baseline survey tool, data collection requirements and protocols, ensure a hands-on-learning experience of survey processes, learning points through practical demonstrations, understanding of quality control measures, agree on the methodology of the baseline tool to be used across the four countries in West Africa, and supervisor-enumerator coordination.

Mr. Kofi Kofituo explaining the Baseline tool to enumerators
Enumerator interacting with farmer

The meeting and training brought together M&E specialists, socio–economists, technical personnel and extension staff from the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG), PhD students and young graduates among others. This was followed by a pre-test of the survey tool in Obodanase, a cocoa growing village in the Eastern region of Ghana.