On 7 September 2021, the CocoaSoils consortium organized a webinar to explore options and barriers on how overall farm productivity contributes or may contribute to a living income. During this webinar, participants learned about the living income concept in relation to CocoaSoils and the proper use of data.

In breakout sessions, participants discussed in smaller groups the learnings and the challenges their organizations face in implementing strategies to boost cocoa productivity and create more diverse incomes for farming households.

In a panel discussion that followed, representatives from Barry Callebaut, Cocoa Research Institute Ghana, National Cocoa and Coffee Board of Cameroon and Yara International discussed the importance of data and how to use data to design cost-effective interventions to close income gaps.

The panel also discussed how policymakers could use data to develop successful policies to improve income for farmers.
The webinar ended with a call for action to further collaborate in data sharing to close living income gaps.

Watch the presentations and discussion here: