1. Quantifying leaf litter production, decomposition, And nutrient release in cacao plantations In southwest Nigeria. View thesis. 
  2. Agriculture contractuelle Et Bien-être des producteurs dans les systemes agroforestiers a base de cacao au Cameroun. View thesis. 
  3. Effects of management options, some ecological factors and soil fertility on cocoa yields in cocoa agro-ecosystems in the Ntui Subdivision. View thesis. 
  4. Response of cocoa (Theobroma Cacao L.) seedlings to foliar fertilizer application and fertigation. View thesis. 
  5. Deforestation in south-west Ghana – Direct drivers, the size of clearings and emerging hotspots. View thesis.
  6. Shade trees and cocoa production in western Ghana – A Case Study. View thesis. 
  7. ISFM: Understanding cocoa farmers’ motivation and unpacking adoption of ISFM practices. View thesis. 
  8. The quality of Cocoa Pod Husk Biochar produced with the “Kon-tiki” kilntechnology, and its effect as a soil enhancer on the growth rate of cocoa seedlings. View thesis.
  9. Analysing the underlying factors that influence the prospect of transformative change in farmer sustainable livelihoods from an upgrading perspective. View thesis.
  10. Morphological characterization of cocoa varieties in different socioecological settings in Ghana. View thesis.